$397.00 USD

Mind Body Reset

In the Mind Body Reset, we will apply the LG&G principles and process specifically to health and well-being. Here, I will guide you step by step through my 28 day protocol, where I will walk by your side to engage the change, directing your system into a state of health with relevant clinical pearls, real life experiences and the evidence based, practical strategies that allow us to dive right in. Here, we will join together to clear the choices that don’t work and build the ones that do- as I teach you exactly how to connect with and create a healthy, sustainable relationship with your mind, body, diet and lifestyle that can be built upon, in the context of your own life, for years to come.

Throughout the Mind Body Reset, you will learn how to:

  • Heal your system, mind and body, through fundamental shifts in mindset, diet, lifestyle and other natural methods
  • Engage in an elimination provocation diet to personalize and tailor a diet that works for you
  • Organize your supplements so that you know exactly what to take, when to take it, how much and why
  • Detoxify your system strategically to create more space for healing to naturally occur
  • Make peace with your plate, as you understand cravings and adaptive reactions so that you can respond accordingly with new solutions that yield serenity and satisfaction
  • Clearly read the signs and learn the language of your mind and body to establish a new and empowered relationship
  • Sleep deeply and process the day, optimizing a third of your life so that you can repair, regenerate and rest optimally
  • Attain optimal energy and reservoirs of resourcefulness in simple ways that have been untapped for some time
  • Release the need to control, dependence around and fear of your health experience for empowerment of it
  • Integrate the reset experience through our reintroduction protocol and other material, beyond the reset, for lasting change